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 Your website is great and gives such a great discount!

- Elizabeth from Albany, NY

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Quick Start Guide

  • View free items available on the "Free Stuff" page
  • Search hotel availability & select hotel
  • Claim your Free items
  • Confirm reservation
  • Pick up vouchers upon check-in at the hotel
  • Use vouchers & enjoy the best deals in Ocean City!

Planning Your Trip

  • Plan your trip and book online in advance
  • Build your custom Ocean City vacation
  • Claim free items during the hotel reservation process
  • Receive free meals, amusements, golf, fishing, watersports, spas, shopping and much more
  • You can only get these Free deals on this site and our partner sites
  • You must book online to claim your Free items
  • Book early while the best deals are available
  • First come, first served

Booking Your Trip:

  • Start Your Reservation - Enter your dates of stay
    - View availability and hotel rates
    - Select your lodging
    - Claim your free items
    - Complete the reservation
  • Claiming Free Items - View list of Free vacation extras
    - Claim the Free items you want to add to your reservation
    - Other items are available at up to 50% off
    - You will receive your vouchers upon check-in at the hotel

Using Vouchers

  • Pick up vouchers when checking into the hotel
  • Present voucher to the appropriate service staff at each business
  • Enjoy!

Relax and Save Big!

  • You can relax knowing that you are enjoying the best deals in Ocean City
  • Vouchers are available during each business' normal operating hours; no blackout dates or time
  • Vouchers are valid through the calendar year of purchase
  • Vouchers are non-refundable and have no cash value
  • No cash change will be given if full value is not redeemed
  • Visit OC again later with all the money you've saved!